DevSecOps Automation to
Secure the Supply Chain

Developer-first zero friction DevSecOps automation platform
that builds trust into your software supply chain.

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Actionable Security Automation

BoostSecurity® enables early detection and remediation of security vulnerabilities at DevOps velocity while ensuring the continuous integrity of the software supply chain at every step from keyboard to production.

Detect Early

Get visibility into the security vulnerabilities in code, cloud and CI/CD pipeline misconfigurations in your software supply chain in minutes. #startleft


Remediate Now

Fix security vulnerabilities in code, cloud and CI/CD pipeline misconfigurations as you code, in pull requests, before they sneak into production. #remediatenow


Prevent Vulnerabilities

Create & govern policies consistently and continuously across code, cloud and CI/CD organizationally to prevent classes of vulnerabilities from re-occurring. #coderight


Govern Risk

Consolidate tool and dashboard sprawl through a single control plane for trusted visibility into the risks of your software supply chain. One truth.



Simplify risk, audit, governance and compliance reporting for every code repo, CI/CD pipeline and SBOM in your software supply chain from left to launch. One-click.



Build and amplify trust between developers & security for scalable DevSecOps through high fidelity, zero friction SaaS automation. One-button.

Build Trust Into Your
Software Supply Chain

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BoostSecurity Values

Rapid ROI
  • Initiate an effective DevSecOps program in under 15 minutes.
  • Discover and fix vulnerabilities in your Development, Build, Test, and Release infrastructure, in code and libraries you depend on immediately.
  • Harden your software supply chain with one-button click.
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Frictionless & Simplified
  • Developer-first workflows
  • Out-of-box high-fidelity rules enabling vulnerability remediation as code is written, on PR, before merging into master/main.
  • A single pane of control for your tooling, policies and reporting requirements.
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Comprehensive & Scalable
  • Powerful, flexible and customizable policy engine for workflows, rules and scanners.
  • Covering the entire software supply chain: stored secrets, SCM / CI / CD misconfigs, weaknesses, SAST, IaC, container scans, 3rd party OSS library vulnerabilities, and more.
  • Trusted SBOM functionality.
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Why BoostSecurity Now?

Enable DevSecOps

You are ready to embed trust frictionlessly into your agile / DevOps processes for teams small or large:

You do not want to:
  • Slow down or waste your developers’ time with slow scans & false positives
  • Spend time mapping specific tools to specific compliance & test requirements
  • Waste developer’s time creating accounts, installing plugins & other tooling
You do want to:
  • Implement a holistic solution that delivers actionable results within minutes
  • Adopt a solution that developers actually understand, love and find effective
  • Bridge the trust gap between developers and security through consistency, accuracy, zero friction & high value

Scale DevSecOps

You are on the cusp of modernizing or scaling your software security initiatives across complex environments:

You do not want to:
  • Recruit or outsource a team of AppSec engineering experts
  • Spend months or even years before realizing ROI
  • Purchase, configure, tune and integrate a multitude of expensive tools
You do want to:
  • Amplify the human capital and policies in which you have already invested
  • Get value instantly and scale your security policies as your needs evolve
  • Enable security to match the velocity of DevOps & build trust with developers

Secure your Software Supply Chain

You want immediate visibility to address security and compliance risk in your entire development ecosystem:

  • Generate trusted SBOMs (for regulatory compliance)
  • Protect against insider threat (CI/CD pipeline misconfigurations, flow control, PPE, and more.)
  • Produce trusted evidence for compliance with industry accepted operational practices by persona (client, government, contractor, and more.)

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