Why BoostSecurity?

BoostSecurity is for Developers & DevOps

Time is of the essence.

Human capital and budgets are limited. Productivity cannot slow down. Without an armada of security SMEs, you need to fix your vulnerable code effectively and rapidly on every PR before it sneaks into the Main branch. You want to “remediate left” and “code right,” not just “shift left.” You need a trusted SBOM.

No additional tooling, accounts or dashboards for your developers

Immediate visibility into vulnerabilities in your code, IaC, secrets, CI/CD pipelines, containers, and more

Easy integration provided by default with your messaging apps and ticketing systems in use

Developer-first easy to understand and implement remediation guidance

Tuned pre-packaged rules in default policies for highly accurate results, low false positive rates

Broad coverage for your languages, SCMs & build environments

BoostSecurity is for CISO & Security Managers

You are accountable to your C-Suite, Board, regulators and customers.

Security talent is limited. You need accurate, sustainable, and trusted visibility into the state of your software supply chains and the effectiveness of the controls governing it. You suffer from tool and dashboard sprawl, so visibility is inconsistent. You need to build trust between your team and development. You need a trusted control pane.

Consolidate and reduce the sprawl of security tools throughout your CI/CD pipelines

Simplify risk, audit, governance & compliance reporting for every code repo, every CI/CD pipeline and every SBOM

0 to 1 DevSecOps tooling, workflows, and reports in under 15 minutes

SaaS simplicity for installation and operation

Flexible API for integration with 3rd party tooling (DAST, SAST, SCA, etc.) for high accuracy default configurations to drive developer engagement

Scale your team and build trust between developers & security through powerful, easy to deploy, high fidelity security automation

BoostSecurity is your trusted unified control pane!

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