BoostSecurity Exits Stealth With DevSecOps Automation Platform, $12M in Seed Funding

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SecurityWeek BoostSecurity article

BoostSecurity on Wednesday emerged from stealth mode with a DevSecOps automation platform and $12 million in seed funding.

BoostSecurity has developed what it describes as a zero friction DevSecOps automation platform that can help organizations quickly detect and fix vulnerabilities in their code. It provides visibility into software pipelines, allows users to prioritize and address issues, and enables organizations to define security policies.

Developers are notified about security issues while they are coding and the organization can keep track of their progress. In addition, customers can generate SBOMs across their entire supply chain.

The company provides an open source app that is available on GitHub. Customers can also use other open source scanners that integrate with BoostSecurity, including Bandit, Brakeman, Trivy, Semgrep, GoSec, GitLeaks, and Checkov.

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